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Did you know CBSAGE real estate hub provides only the most advantageous listings from local agencies?

This is how we do it …

Real estate agencies often manage a large number of property listings at any given time and it’s rare that they will upload All of them to their social media accounts. There are several reasons for this:
A professional agency will refrain from bombarding its followers with every single listing on their records. Instead, they will allocate their time and effort selectively; focusing on properties that promise the best returns for both them and their clients.
They will try to showcase listings that not only reflect their company’s image but also provide excellent value for prospective buyers.

The average agency’s inventory may include real estate from shared MLS databases, properties that bolster their portfolio, and occasionally listings chosen for visual appeal rather than high intrinsic value. While these choices are integral to an agency’s objectives like fostering seller relationships, ensuring portfolio diversity, and effective brand management, it requires the property buyer to do a lot more filtering and due diligence.

On popular property portals such as Idealista, Fotocasa, Kyero, etc., agencies pay for property packages and will often upload a large portion (often many hundreds) of their listings via automated feeds. These portals tend to emphasize quantity rather than quality.
With Facebook pages (that require manual uploading), agencies tend to allocate time to only their most attractive and marketable properties. This approach demonstrates a clear preference for quality rather than quantity.

CBSAGE Real Estate Hub is committed to displaying only the Top local real estate listings.

In order to provide the best experience for potential property buyers CBSage displays only quality listings. Not all real estate agencies are able to market on CBSage. Facebook pages are vetted beforehand to ensure quality content. In addition, we extract only the top-value properties.

Explore our directory map above to discover the finest offers from top estate agencies in your local area.